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Using Dictation Software – Digital Transcription Equipment

Making and transcribing dictations in a small office situation can be complicated.  Recording dictations is the easy part – all you have to do is find the time to set up your equipment and make the recordings. After that, it’s up to you to spend the time – or your small staff’s time – making the transcriptions. Instead of going the old fashioned route, Voice Ware Servers has great options for you! We provide a wide variety of digital transcription equipment and software, cutting the time you spend on transcriptions down exponentially.

Perhaps one of the best options our business has to offer is the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Recognition software. This program puts most other digital transcription equipment and software to shame, as it actually transforms your words into text – including technical terms. When you install it on your computer, you’ll be able to speak your thoughts out load and have the computer accurately transcribe everything you have said. Making an investment in this program, as well as additional digital transcription equipment like quality microphones, is a smart move.

There are unique versions of this program available, including Legal, Medical, Professional, and Premium options. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical is designed for smaller practices, helping doctors, nurses, and other team members accelerate adoption of the EHR.  The creators programmed this program to recognize medical vocabularies, covering more than 60 specialties and subspecialties. Similarly, the Legal version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking was created using more than 400 million words from legal documents, giving it the ability to recognize words that typical transcription programs would not understand. Consider your business needs and you’ll find that there is a version of this software that will work for your needs.

When it comes to digital transcription equipment, software, and other business dictation needs, you can rest assured that the team at Voice Ware Servers has you covered. From microphones and headsets to full dictation and transcriptions servers, we are prepared to provide you with high-end selections at a price that you can afford. Review our product selection and place an order for new digital transcription equipment and software today.