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I’ve Bought Digital Dictation Equipment – Now What?

Working with digital dictation equipment is a piece of cake, but many are overwhelmed with the equipment when it arrives. The team at VoiceWare Servers wants you to be confident when you record, so we have put together this list of advice for people purchasing their first dictation recorders. Take a look and start recording as soon as possible:

  • Learn about Your Equipment – Most modern digital dictation equipment is pretty simple to handle, but it’s vital that you take some time learning about your equipment before jumping right in. Sit down and read through the guides provided with your recording devices, as well as try it out a few times to make sure that you have everything set up properly.
  • Choose a Recording Space – Once you know how the device works, you should select a good recording space for your dictations. Your office desk is typically the best spot, but if you are part of an open office floor plan, then you may need to find some quiet area where you can make your recordings without worrying about any interference or interruptions.
  • Plan for Consistency – Make a plan for your dictations before you start recording. When you are thrown into the mix, you may be making many recordings at a time. Setup a folder to save recordings from your digital dictation equipment and schedule a time each week to transfer recordings onto a hard drive. Furthermore, you should format each file names so it contains a date and any other vital information.
  • Make Notes for Your Dictations – In addition to being consistent, you should make notes for what you want to say during your dictations before you sit down to record. While recording, you can mark down timestamps for certain subjects, allowing you to find the info on the file in a fast and efficient manner.

Your success making dictations is our business. VoiceWare Servers has worked with digital dictation equipment, including handheld recorders, microphones, and headphones, for many years. Because of this, we only offer you the best selections available. Look at our digital dictation equipment today and place an online order with our business.