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How VoiceScribe Can Change the Way You Work

Doing transcriptions using digital software has been streamlined these days and VoiceWare Servers is proud to provide you with a wide array of options for your business needs. Whether you are working in a large office or are part of a smaller organization, you can benefit from VoiceScribe, the transcription half of our VoiceWare Server, to keep your business running. From medical to legal transcriptions, there are many ways this program can help you and your teams stay organized:

Hear Everything – When you use the VoiceScribe program, you will have no problem understanding everything on the recording. This program features a proprietary lossless sound compression system that guarantees you will hear everything as it was recorded. Furthermore, you will be able to control this sound using any standard digital foot pedal setup. This makes everything more efficient and your team will not have to worry about handling cumbersome tapes.

Works with Any Word Processor – Does your team have a word processing program that they prefer? Would you like to roll out a new program for use alongside this program? VoiceScribe works well with any word processing program, including Word, DOS, and more. You can make things easy on your team by only changing this one aspect of their job.

Proof with Voice Dictation – After the dictation has been written and added to the program, you can easily use the voice file for proofing. This allows you to guarantee that you have gotten the right information down. In cases of medical transcriptions, one wrong piece of information can be the difference between life or death. VoiceScribe allows you to cover everything in a well-organized manner.

Read more about VoiceScribe and the VoiceWare Server to see if this selection is right for your business. We are available by phone at (800) 841-6121 to discuss the program and provide you with a quick custom quote for your organization. This program has become the new standard in medical transcription workstations and can simply and efficiently be integrated into your business. Read more about VoiceScribe today and place an order with our company for this and a broad range of additional digital transcription equipment.