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How Call-In Dictation Systems Can Transform Operations

How call-in dictation systems work and how they can streamline and simplify operations accurately and effectively

If you and your organization have not used dictation software before, more particularly the call-in dictation systems, then you may be amazed at how efficiently and accurately these systems can transform the spoken word into data.

Among the many exceptional options provided by VoiceWare Servers are our call-in dictation systems that can be used on a hire or purchase basis; depending upon the extent and frequency of your requirements.

How Call-In Dictation Systems Work

While you would typically turn to online freelancers or onsite secretarial staff for your transcription and dictation needs, we provide efficient and highly cost-effective solutions that are incredibly versatile as well. 

Our call recording software can be used for dictation into PCs, phones, recorders, and other handheld devices. You and others in your organization can dictate letters and other correspondence, memos, circulars, court pleadings, or any kind of documents as and when required. Our call-in dictation systems then convert these into accurate and user friendly transcriptions on an easy to manage screen.

Call-In Dictation Systems Can Change the Way Your Organization Operates

Our phone-in server systems start at just $.05 per minute. So if your requirements are limited, you may use them only to the extent that you need. This can translate into very significant savings over hiring secretarial staff; even temps. Plus you get a great deal of flexibility when you opt for call-in dictation systems that can be used at anytime, anywhere and by anyone in the organization.

For organizations with bigger transcription requirements and greater volume of transcription, there is also the purchase option as against the phone-in option, where you can install your own servers. You then have access to our advanced speech recognition and text conversion software, document repositories, and document distribution systems.

Call us at 1-888-333-7808 to learn more about our call-in dictation systems, or get in touch via our contact form today. We are proud to provide high-end dictation and transcription equipment for your needs, helping your business run in an efficient manner.