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Efficient and Affordable Digital Transcription Equipment

Turning digital audio into digital text is simple when you select digital transcription equipment from VoiceWare Servers. We carry high-end and affordable selections that allow you to quickly and efficiently make transcriptions without having to break the bank. Whether you need these transcriptions for records or are trying to transcribe text to send out in a business email, you’ll have access to accurate equipment that can help you run and maintain your business. Stop doing things the old way and make an investment today.

When you shop for digital transcription equipment with our business, you’ll be able to purchase items like C-phones, dictation servers, recording software, and microphones, as well as foot pedals, headsets, medical transcription training courses, and voice recognition software. You can shop for new items or save a bit of money and pick up one of our great refurbished specials. It’s all up to you! You can make things as advanced as possible or simplify with a basic handheld recorder and good pair of headphones.

Are you in the market for digital transcription equipment to use with your larger business? We provide great servers that feature software, allowing everyone in your company to make both dictations and transcriptions with incredible ease. You can also invest in our phone-in servers, which are very easy to use. After your initial investment, you’ll be able to streamline costs and run your business without having to worry about missing a single transcription. Just take a look at the many options available to you and make the right decision today.

Do you like to do things the old fashioned way? Our business can also help you there. Whether you are trying to transcribe old tapes or just prefer having hard copies, we offer microcassette equipment that can be used alongside your digital transcription equipment to make sure you have multiple sources for everything.

Shop today and you’ll see that VoiceWare Servers is truly your online source for the best digital transcription equipment available. Our business has been working with these pieces of equipment for many years, which means we only sell the finest equipment for individuals and businesses available.