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Digital Transcription Equipment and Services

Cost-effective and accurate digital transcription equipment from VoiceWare Servers

Legal practices, doctor’s clinics, and other businesses are constantly in need of transcription services. As the technology has progressed,  it has become easier and cheaper to find the right solutions for your business needs.

Where earlier offices and professionals had to rely on professional secretarial services, it is now possible to make a cost-effective and easy transition to digital transcription equipment that seamlessly performs these tasks quickly and efficiently. The advantages and applications are many, and flexibility is the key here.

Who Needs Digital Transcription Equipment?

Basically anyone with a business who needs transcription services can make good use of our voice transcription software and services. Facilitating the functioning of medical transcription workstations, drafting and creating pleadings and other legal documentation, and carrying out regular business correspondence becomes a whole lot easier. Plus it is possible to get custom quotes to dovetail with your precise needs so you can find yourself the most cost-effective transcription solution.

How Digital Transcription Equipment Works for You

Our equipment works with handheld dictation equipment as well as standard PCs, headsets, and foot pedals. Thanks to VoiceWare’s proprietary lossless sound compression system, the sound quality is outstanding. The hassle of handling tapes is negated and the time taken for recording and couriering is reduced as well.

When used with any popular word processing program, the digital transcription equipment finalizes the report and then sends it back to the dictator's computer so that the finished report and the voice file of the dictation remain together.  The reports can be proofread and edited along with the voice dictation if necessary, adding a great deal of flexibility to one's operations.

Our other categories such as medical dictionaries and spell checkers, medical transcription training vouchers and accessories can also help to further streamline operations. In addition, we have a range of refurbished equipment available as well, for those that wish to work within a limited budget.

Call us at 888-333-7808 to learn more about our digital transcription equipment and other services. You can also get in touch via our contact form.