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Digital Dictation Equipment — What Do You Need?

Digital dictation equipment from VoiceWare Servers can help you in a variety of ways and can be used in practically any setting

We offer an array of products and services to help streamline and simplify work processes for organizations across a range of different industries. Not only do we provide voice-to-text services (by the minute or for outright purchase), our voice and video recording facilities and transcription facilities help to create accurate records and databases for all your requirements. The digital dictation equipment available with us can be as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be; so you can rely upon us to deliver the solutions that you actually need.

Check out Handheld Recorders from VoiceWare Servers

We stock a wide range of digital recorders from Sony, Phillips, and Olympus that help you record anything from your daily musings to conferences, to office meetings, press conferences, lectures, and conversations in similar indoor environments. You will also be able to capture recordings out of doors. Choose from compact, easy-to-use products that offer you all the basic facilities you need or select high end professional grade equipment that have more features and greater flexibility. Some of our ultra-compact products remain unobtrusively out of sight while offering high-quality recording abilities.

Learn More about Our Digital Dictation Equipment

The fact that this is digital dictation equipment we’re talking about (as against previous generation analog technologies) means that you can quickly connect these to any digital transcription equipment so that you can create your own private, secure, and easily manageable transcription system. With easy user interfaces, some of our products are equipped with music player functionalities, extended editing options, and other innovative recording features that make them more user friendly. Depending upon the product you choose you could get several bundled extras such as microphones, phones, memory cards, wireless remotes, and so on.

Have we piqued your interest? To know more about digital dictation equipment, you can call us at our toll free number 1-888-333-7808 or send us a fax at 571-255-6005. You can also use our contact form to ask a question or drop us a line.