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Making dictations using a microcassette recorder and microcassette tapes is still an effective way of properly recording business dictations. VoiceWare Servers, your online source for the best dictation equipment available, is proud to provide you with exceptional dictation recorders and transcribers for your needs. Our business understands your needs and provides great selections that are perfect for people looking for new equipment or interested in replacing their old recorders.

Our business offers Grundig dictation equipment that works with microcassette tapes. These are handheld and desktop microcassette recorder selections that are made to properly capture your voice and allow for easy playback when transcribing the equipment. Take a look at the great options featured here and place an order for new recorders and other equipment with us today. The team at VoiceWare Servers is always working hard to make sure that you have access to the best equipment available for your dictation needs.

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Grundig 3110D Dictator/Transcriber
Price: $575.00
Grundig 3110D Dictator/Transcriber
The Grundig DT 3110 coupled together with the 756 FX microphone represents the ideal dictation machine! It can also be used for conference recordings. Just add a foot control and headphones and the Grundig DT 3110 is the perfect transcription machine!
Grundig DH2028 Dictation Recorder
Price: $249.95
Grundig DH2028 Dictation Recorder
The Grundig DH2028 Dictation Recorder is comfortable to hold and easy to use. This economy handheld offers professional users a great "value for money" dictation machine.