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Call-in Dictation Systems for Your Business

The convenience of call-in dictation systems allows you to easily record dictations without having to worry about a wide array of unnecessary dictation and transcription equipment. When you are seeking new call-in dictation systems for your business, you can count on VoiceWare Servers to provide you with the best selections available at a price that you can afford. Whether you are working for a medical organization or are part of a large law firm, VoiceWare Servers is prepared to assist you.

When people think of efficient call-in dictation systems, they think of our VoiceWare Server. This is one of the most advanced dictation machines available, allowing you to dictate over the telephone, as well as handheld recorder and PC microphones. Essentially, it is the central hub that links all of your dictation and transcription components together. With this system, you can configure 0 to 192 simultaneous phone-in ports and 0 to 1000 simultaneous Internet ports. This is perfect for medium-sized organizations that feature a wide array of people who need to make dictations at all times. Furthermore, this program accommodates a wide array of additional sound files, allows you to quickly link it to external databases, and provides exporting options.

One of the best features of this call-in dictation system is that you will never lose a job! The system tracks the recordings from the initial recording to the completion and delivery of the transcription. Dictation recordings, transcriptions, demographics, and quality assurance edit options are all linked together in one easy-to-manage screen, so you’ll be able to see what is going on with the information at all times.

Are you ready to improve the way you do dictations and transcriptions? Count on the team at VoiceWare Servers to provide you with the best call-in dictation systems available. We are proud to provide you with the best options available to help you properly capture and record important information for your business. Place an order for call-in dictation systems today or call us at (800) 841-6121 to ask specific questions about how call-in systems work.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.