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Call-In Dictation Systems for Professionals and Businesses

How Digital Call-In Dictation Systems Can Streamline and Simplify the Way Your Business Operates

With the sort of technological advancements now available at your fingertips, you never have to limit your professional setup to the constraints of old-fashioned analog dictation and transcription services. VoiceWare Servers, your online source for transcription and dictation equipment, has solutions to help you at a price that will fit your budget.

You can now streamline and simplify operations and get accurate, efficient services at a fraction of the cost with call-in dictation systems that you now have at your disposal. If you have not used these services before, you may be surprised at how flexible, efficient, and cost effective they can be for your organization.

How Call-In Dictation Systems Work

At VoiceWare Servers we offer a range of software and hardware solutions for all your dictation and transcription needs. To use our convenient call in-dictation services, you would need to install the software (compatible with all commonly used operating systems). You then simply ‘dial in’ to the system and dictate as you usually would.

The call-in dictation systems then record, edit, and manage files in the system and ready them for transcription. The operation is quick and easy and is suitable for any professional setups that require flexible, local and/or remote dictation services.

Uses of VoiceWare Server Dictation and Transcription Equipment

Lawyers’ practices where pleadings and documents are drafted every day, doctor's clinics where medical transcriptions are required, as well as any other professionals requiring dictation and transcription services can benefit from our call-in dictation systems.

Dictation can be recorded simply and easily by phone and multiple telephone lines are supported. Setup is quick and painless and can be customized if need be. Recordings can be stored and accessed at a later date if required.  The whole system is secure and keeps your data safe and confidential, which is usually a significant requirement in most professions.

Call now to find out more about call in dictation systems or to get a custom quote. Call 1-888-333-7808 or email to get started on streamlining operations right away.