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A Wide Array of Quality Transcription Headsets

When you are doing transcriptions, it’s important that you have access to the best transcription headsets available. A wide variety of transcription headsets are available from VoiceWare Servers. Whether you are working from home or doing transcriptions from phone calls in an office, our business understands your needs and works hard to provide you with the best options available for your needs. Take a look at the transcription headsets we have available:

Clamshell-Style Headsets – Our clamshell transcription headsets fit comfortably around your ear, staying in place while you type. This selection is perfect for individuals who don’t like headsets that rest on their heads. These options are available with a 3.55-mm right angle plug.

Hinged Stetho Headsets – These headsets lock into place in your ears, making sure that you can hear the voices on your recordings efficiently. Like our clamshell-style selections, these headsets do not rest on your head. USB, Dictaphone, 3.55-mm hinged, and DIN plug selections are available.

Lightweight Bud-Style Headsets – Are you a fan of earbud headsets? Then we have great options for your needs. We offer Dictaphone-compatible models, as well as straight-plug and right-angle 3.5-mm plugs that are comparable with most standard systems.

PC Headsets – When using our WAVpedal or VoiceScribe programs, as well as any of our other PC transcription programs, these headsets will do the trick. Our business provides a huge variety of headset options in different styles that work with your PC, featuring a 3.55-mm plug that connects directly to your PC soundcard.

Y-Shaped Headsets – Similar to the hinged stetho headsets we offer, these Y-shaped, or wishbone-shaped, selections are great for your headset needs. Not only do we have Y-shaped headsets with the standard 3.5-mm plug, we also offer Dictaphone, DIN, and USB options that work with a variety of other transcription equipment.

Count on VoiceWare Servers when you need the best dictation and transcription equipment available. Our business has been working with transcription gear for many years, providing options that are perfect for people who are working for answering services, medical offices, attorneys, and independent contractors. Contact us today to learn more about our transcription headsets and other high-end transcription equipment.