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Advanced Digital Transcription Equipment

Digital transcription equipment can streamline processes accurately, effectively, and affordably

If you need digital audio turned into text we can help you. With our digital transcription equipment you can rest assured that your transcriptions are carried out in a timely, accurate, and precise manner. Our services not only help simplify processes in your workplace, they are necessary for reasons of record keeping and more.

While there are applications around that can do the job in a rudimentary way, many businesses – such  as legal or medical offices – require specialized, accurate and advanced digital transcription equipment that is vitally important to their operations. Our business is dedicated to making sure you have access to this high-end equipment.

Products from VoiceWare Servers

We offer a wide range of products including Dictaphone C-phones, call-in systems, digital recorders, medical dictionaries, and spell checkers, microcassette recorders and transcribers, speed typing software, and much more. You can also find items such as foot pedals, headsets, microphones, and other accessories here; both new and refurbished. You can take advantage of our advanced systems that are highly accurate but also easy to use.

Our document repositories and document distribution systems can give your organization the tools required to ease processes and simplify operations. While transcription services can cost a lot of money, our products can effectively shrink your running costs because of the ease of use and the accuracy of our voice recognition software.

How Digital Transcription Equipment Transform Your Processes & Operations

Our phone-in servers are extremely affordable to use; however you can also buy and install your own servers. So you can decide whether your operations require occasional phone-in services or whether your setup justifies the purchase and installation of a system.

If there are any technological issues that you or others in your organization face, you can also opt for the more old-fashioned microcassette recorders and transcribers. Our Dragon NaturallySpeaking software provides amazing ease of use and requires no special training.

Find out more about our digital transcription equipment by calling 1-888-333-7808 (toll-free) or by sending us a fax at 571-255-6005. You can also use our contact form to get in touch.