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Price: $89.95
Item Number: WordTraverse

WordTraverse is the most comprehensive and easiest to use line counter and invoicing system anywhere! WordTraverse is an automated Microsoft® Word bulk document counting utility with invoicing capabilities used by transcription companies and businesses that charge by rates based upon text document length specifications. WordTraverse works using Microsoft Word version: 97, 2000, XP or 2003, to count any supported document that Microsoft Word supports *(i.e. Word documents, Works documents, and WordPerfect documents) and is a perfect fit for medical transcription and legal transcription.


Users desiring a fine pallet of options for their document billing and line counting necessities will look to Word Traverse 2004. Let mere intuition lead you through the simple 4 step process of adding your company information, recipient billing information, compiling the list of documents you wish to be counted, and finally, with anxious reservation, press the Traverse button as one will see the beauty of the program in action. Microsoft® Word will automatically open, creating the elegant duplex shaded invoice with user defined calculations and reporting options. Simply print the invoice as it will fit in a standard windowed envelope, reducing all your efforts from steps A through Z.


  • Ease of Use
  • Windows Explorer Style Layout
  • High Document Processing Speeds
  • Highly Customizable
  • Reporting And Invoicing Capabilities
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface
  • Bulk Document Printing Capabilities
  • Stellar User -Guide With Pictorial Assistance
  • Online Help Video Tutorials Accessible Anytime
  • Crisp Professional Invoice With Duplex Shading and Customizable Company User and Recipient Information
  • Highly Accurate Invoicing Calculations
  • Multiple Billing-Profiles
  • User Defined and Preset Document Extensions
  • Network Friendly

Users Can Customize These Line-Counting Settings to Their Precise & Careful Necessities:

  • Count Spaces
  • Count Returns
  • Count Bold Characters
  • Count Bold On/Off
  • Count Tables
  • Count Italic Characters
  • Count Italic On/Off
  • Count Underlined Characters
  • Count Underline On/Off
  • Count Superscript
  • Count Subscript

With Many More Refined Reporting Options!

Supports All The Formats That Microsoft Word Can Read *(i.e. WordPerfect 5.x 6.x; Works; Windows Write; etc.)