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Special: WAVpedal 7 Software CD + USB Foot Pedal + SpeedType + SpeedType Medical Vocabulary consisting of 13,000+ medical abbreviations

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MSRP: $427.90
Price: $356.90
You Save: $71.00
Item Number: speedtype8Aadd
Three great products at one low price! Get our WAVpedal 7 software that allows you to control the playback of audio files on your computer with our foot pedal paired with SpeedType, the easy to use shortcut typing software tool with 13,000+ medical abbreviations.

The original WAVpedal®--The first and still the best--Don't be fooled by imitators!

WAVpedal 7 is a simple, easy-to-use digital transcription software that allows you to control the playback of WAV, Sony MSV, Sony DVF, BCB/PC Dart, Digital Voice VoicePower, MP3, Olympus DSS, Voice-It SRI, Microsoft Network, Voxware, and Windows Media files from your digital audio recorders on your computer with our foot pedal. The pedal control of voice files allows you to easily type into your word processor while listening to the voice all from your PC. No need for transcription equipment.

Features Include

  • WAVpedal® Communications enables FTP transfers to and from FTP Sites. It runs outside of WAVpedal and may be started from its icon or by having WAVpedal® load it automatically when WAVpedal® is run. You can configure as many FTP Sites as you need.
  • AutoPlay is a feature that lets you automatically load specific files from folders that you select. You can save a lot of time and effort by not needing to hunt for your next file to play.
  • Two foot pedal connection types: Serial and USB
  • A scroll bar that shows your place in the file and enables you to go directly to the place you choose on that bar.
  • WAVmarks which enable you to bookmark any place in a file.
  • Hot Keys: system-wide key combinations that you define to perform various functions (louder, faster, rewind, etc.). Hot Keys work in any application as long as WAVpedal® is running.
  • The option to allow WAVpedal's® windows to float above all other windows on the desktop or behave normally.

SpeedType: Reduce your keystrokes!

SpeedType™ medical transcription software and universal abbreviation expander software will save up to 60% of your typing time. It's fast, compatible, and simple to use with all Windows applications.

Benefits of SpeedType

  • Increase Production and Decrease Keystroke
  • Save Time and Make More Money!
  • Enhance Your Profession
  • Upgrade Your Current Word Expanding Technology with Ease

SpeedType™ is a universal, user-friendly, abbreviation expander program for the Windows operating system. It is the most powerful but easy to use shortcut typing software tool on the market today. It works with all Windows applications, even your e-mail and instant message boxes! This program can save 60% of your typing day making learning shorthand fun and exciting.

SpeedType™ is compatible with a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows application; SpeedType transcription software works with most Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT applications. It is also compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

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