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Olympus Directrec™ DR-2000 Dictation Kit

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Price: $299.99
Item Number: DR-2000
Manufacturer: Olympus

The DR-2000 kit is one of the first desktop dictation tools introduced by Olympus and includes impressive features found in both general dictation and professional devices. The DR-2000 is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience so you can use it for hours on end. The included DSS Player 6.0 software provides easy automation, streamlining, and managing of files and lets you customize the DR-1000's buttons so you can access frequently used features in a snap.

POINTING DEVICE. The DR-2000 kit includes a 360-degree mouse-pointing sensor providing fast, simple operability and is highly durable and reliable to help prevent it from breaking, wearing out, or sticking.

CUSTOMIZABLE PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS. Access and utilize your favorite features quickly with two programmable buttons you can customize to suit a variety of situations and conditions.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE MICROPHONE. The DR-2000 uses ø10mm, highly sensitive, built-in omni directional microphones whose sensitivity can be easily adjusted to suit the recording conditions using the included DSS Player 6.0 software.

PROGRAMMABLE USER ID. Register an ID directly in the DR-2000 and have it become part of the created recording file's naming convention for quick and easy retrieval.

Features and Benefits

  • New and improved microphone system reduces extraneous sounds such as wind or machine noise for high quality sound recording.
  • Ergonomic design and convenient button location enables effortless single-handed control without ever having to visually check the placement of function buttons.
  • DR-2000 has two programmable buttons (A, B). All button functions are easily customizable to suit a particular preference or any recording environment.
  • The 360-degree mouse-pointing sensor provides simple, comfortable control ranging from fine to rapid movements and is highly durable for a virtually maintenance-free performance every time.
  • Can be used as a USB microphone or USB speaker without installing a specialty driver. In addition, a powerful built-in speaker provides hi-fidelity acoustic playback.
  • Can be used as a remote control for the DSS Player not only for direct recording, but also when editing recorded files on a PC.
  • DR-2000 can save a recording as a file on a PC in DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format.
  • Two recording modes, SP (Standard Playback) mode or LP (Long Playback) mode.
  • Microphone sensor quality can be altered to better suit recording conditions and environment.
  • Take advantage of the ability to insert and overwrite on an existing recording file.
  • Up to 16 index marks can be set in a file.
  • System Sounds (beep) are available to alert you to button operations or warn you of errors. They can be turned on or off according to your preference.
  • Professional Grade USB Cable is 10x more durable (more than 20,000 operations in an Olympus durability test) than a regular USB cable.
  • Register an ID directly in the DR-1000 and have it become part of the created recording file's naming convention for quick and easy retrieval.
  • DR-2000 uses 10mm, highly sensitive, built-in omni directional microphones. The microphone sensitivity can be easily adjusted with the DSS Player to suit the purpose of use.
  • DR-2000 firmware can be easily updated to provide additional features or product enhancement.
  • In addition to the 2 programmable buttons, further functionality can be supported by combining any button on the DR-2000 with the Shift or Ctrl key on your computer's keyboard. This function is supported by the included DSS player software.